Safe Environment for Women

Safe Environment for Women

Based on various studies, it can be said that conflict-affected people experience economic stress caused by increased gender-based violence. The majority of internally displaced women report that gender-based violence has increased dramatically since the conflict and displacement. The majority of them, and most often, cite the deterioration of the economic situation as the reason.

Many international institutions, including the United Nations, note that gender-based violence has increased during the pandemic, and women and children are experiencing more severe forms of gender-based and domestic violence.

That is why ASB Georgia, together with the National Center for Protection from Violence of Georgia, launched the project "Safe Environment for Women." The project is funded by the Canadian government and it aims to reduce gender-based violence by raising awareness and sharing information about the problem. Through an intensive training course, we plan to train police officers, school teachers and daycare center staff on gender-based violence so that they can better identify and respond to different forms of gender-based violence.

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