ASB Germany

ASB is one of the oldest and largest social welfare organizations in Germany. ASB was founded in 1888 by six carpenters in Berlin. At a time when there were no health and insurance regulations, no emergency services, and often employed people suffered serious injuries. After the first mission abroad, which began in 1921, foreign aid became the main component of the organization. Humanitarian and democratic principles are the basis of the organization both in the country and abroad. In 1909, the Arbeiter-Samatirelle Gruppen (work group) formed the ASB across Germany. As a charitable organization, ASB is also active in the socio-political sphere. The ASB discusses issues both in the German Bundestag and the European Parliament, as well as in ministries and other institutions. ASJ is ASB's youth organization that promotes social activism among young people. ASB's foreign assistance program provides humanitarian assistance, disaster risk reduction, repatriation and reintegration of displaced persons. The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund has 16 federal offices and more than 200 regional offices in municipalities and districts. The ASB-Foreign Department operates local offices in Africa, Asia, Southeast Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. It has 36,000 employees and 15,000 volunteers, which guarantees the quality of its services, both in civil protection and other social issues. The main areas of activity in these countries are humanitarian aid, disaster risk reduction, return of internally displaced persons and rehabilitation. Projects are implemented directly by local offices or through their partners.

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