ASB Georgia is seeking qualified individuals or companies from Georgian to provide PR and Communications consultancy

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Consultancy Services for Public Awareness Campaign


ASB Georgia is seeking qualified individuals or companies from Georgian to provide PR and Communications consultancy within the project “Sports, Education, Gender and Information (SEGI)” funded by Aktion Deutschland Hilft.


Background information:

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is one of the biggest and oldest German aid and welfare organization with more than one million members. Since its foundation in 1888, ASB has acted as a politically and denominationally independent association. With its first international mission in 1921, the area of foreign aid became an integral part of the organization. Currently, ASB has 11 foreign offices and implementing programs in more than 20 countries. ASB, through its officially registered country office in Georgia implemented several EU, German and US government-funded projects related to: inclusive disaster risk reduction, provision of social services, improvement of economic and livelihood conditions, resocialization of persons in conflict with law, confidence building, as well as humanitarian assistance to IDPs, conflict-affected population and other vulnerable groups, etc.


Starting from April 2024, ASB is implementing the project “Sports, Education, Gender and Information (SEGI)” with the major aim to support the socialization and integration of the most vulnerable Ukrainians into the Georgian Society. The project will mainly be implemented in Batumi, however certain activities will also be executed in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and surrounding areas. The duration of the project is 12 months (April 2024 – March 2025).


One of the objectives of the project is to enhance awareness and facilitate improved access of Ukrainians residing in Georgia to existing mitigation services on gender-based and domestic violence. Within the framework of this objective, a comprehensive awareness-raising campaign on gender-based and domestic violence (GBV/DV) needs to be organized to increase awareness and sensitivity towards these issues. The campaign will also focus on referring victims of violence to GBV/DV services.


Purpose of the service:

The selected PR company/individual will be responsible for designing, planning and implementing the PR/visibility activities for the whole duration of the project (remaining 10 months).


The PR company will fulfil the following tasks, in close cooperation with the project team, according to the visibility guidelines and procedures provided by ASB Georgia. The main scope of the service will be:


·     Create a Communications Strategy and Action Plan (with timeframe) for the entire project duration, with taking in mind project objectives, goals and desirable outcomes

·      Create project brand and visibility basket:

        -Project visual identity, symbol graphic visual or visual element that will be used in every product and material produced under the project;

        -Social Media and Website (Photo/Story) materials Audiovisual & Print;

        -Production and Broadcasting (including TV and Radio spots);

        -Events Management and Mobilization for Awareness-raising;

        -Final Report


 Expected Outputs and Deliverables:

1.     Communication Strategy and Action Plan:

Develop a comprehensive Communications Strategy and Action Plan, including a timeframe, that aligns with the project objectives, goals, and desired outcomes. The Communication Strategy should contain the main slogan and core idea of the campaign, encapsulating the key messages to be conveyed. The Action Plan will serve as a roadmap, outlining specific communication activities to be undertaken throughout the entire duration of the project. The Communications Strategy and Action Plan, along with the timeframe, should be delivered within 10 days after signing the contract.

2.     Project Brand and Visibility Basket:

Create a project brand and visibility package, which will consist of the following elements:

Project Visual Identity: The PR company will design a visual identity, such as a symbol graphic or visual element, that will be consistently used in all project-related materials and products. This visual identity will help establish a recognizable and cohesive image for the campaign.

Social Media and Website Materials: The PR company will develop engaging and compelling materials, including photos, stories and/or reels, specifically tailored for social media platforms and the project website. These materials will effectively communicate the project's key messages and raise awareness among the target audience. The PR company is expected to design and provide 2-3 posts or materials on social media platforms each month. 

Video and Print Production: The PR company will produce high-quality videos and print materials that effectively convey the project's objectives and messages. These materials will include up to four short videos, two of which will be animated, and may encompass other visibility materials such as brochures, leaflets, posters, stickers, banners, and other relevant media formats. The frequency of production will be determined based on the project's needs and communication strategy.

Production and Broadcasting: The PR company will handle the production and broadcasting of project-related content, including the creation of TV and radio spots. These spots will be strategically disseminated through appropriate channels to reach the target audience and maximize the project's visibility. The requested implementation includes a minimum of two TV coverages with different topics and at least one radio visit.

Events Management and Mobilization for Awareness-raising: The PR company will oversee the planning and execution of events aimed at raising awareness about gender-based and domestic violence. This includes mobilizing participants, coordinating logistics, and ensuring effective communication during the events. The requested implementation includes the implementation of around two events.

3.     Final Report:

With reference to the workplan, the M&E plan and with monthly updates provided by the consulting team on the progress achieved, the final report will combine the overall progress for the entire duration of the assignment. Provision of final report including sharing best practices, success stories, and lessons learned through a final report analysis on media impact of message and possibly with a final video.

Important note: The deliverable will undergo a review and approval process by the communication and project teams, with final approval from the Country Director.

All of the above-mentioned products and services will be transferred from the moment of design, development and production with all related rights on copyright and ownership to ASB Georgia. The producer and developer might be named and use the products for own reference, nevertheless the rights on all above-named products remain solely with ASB Georgia.


Required skills and experience:

-   At least 5 years of relevant experience in PR and Communications field, preferably in NGO sector; 

-   Experience in the provision of visual materials, printed products and/or designing;

- Understanding of general working aspects of the non-profit sector;

- Tight connections with central and local media.


Selection Criteria:

 -Relevant experience in PR and Communications;

-Experience in working with non-profit organizations;

-Proven Experience in producing design materials and printed products;

-Communications & contact with Media;

-Proposed Budget

 Deliverables and Timeline:

The duration of the service is 10 months; the payment will proceed upon completing the specific deliverables agreed upon in the contracting phase.


Documents to be submitted:

Interested applicants should submit their proposal in English which must include the following:


1.  In case of individuals: detailed description of candidate’s experience and qualification (CV);

2.     In case of companies: profile and background information including CVs of team members with clear distribution of roles and responsibilities;

3.     Cover Letter which includes the information how the candidate meets the requirements;

4.     Samples of relevant previous work and company’s portfolio are a must;

5.     Contact details of three professional references;

6.     The detailed breakdown of the proposed budget for the service (indicating unit price range excluding VAT for each of the above-mentioned deliverables).


The applicants are kindly requested to send all required documentation in printed version no later than June 7, 2024 on the following e-mail:  with the title “Tender for PR company”.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted (no phone calls will be accepted).



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