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Samaritan International

What is Samaritan International?

The European Union is now becoming more and more significant in politics and in the legislative procedures of the member states.

merged to become the international non-governmental organisation SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL e.V.

Today, the organisation consists of 16 member associations in 15 countries. Additional memberships are pending.
The extensive experience and the broad-based know-how of the single organisations offer a good basis for the common international work. Almost three million members, 130,000 volunteers and 30,000 full-time employees form the basis of Samaritan International and the network in the different organisations and countries. In addition, there are further regional and local Samaritan organisations and initiatives.
The members contribute their extensive experience in the field of social services, rescue services, first-aid training and humanitarian aid overseas to the common work. The cooperation is also to be strengthened in disaster prevention and the development of international civil protection systems.
Samaritan International serves to coordinate the activities among each other, to develop new cross-border partnerships and represents the interests of its members towards the European Union. In particular with regard to questions of emergency care the member organisations also practically support the development to a united Europe. 
As a network organisation, Samaritan International is active for its members in a variety of ways:

For one, it sees itselves in a bridging function between members and the institutions of the European Union. For more information on this, please see political advocacy.

In addition, the organization supports communication and cooperation among members on the level of joint proje cts and their planning. For more information on this, please see member support.

As a european civil society organisation, Samaritan International advocates for a strengthening of volunteer work all over Europe. For more information, please see volunteer work.

It also has a number of regular events to bring the people in its member organisations together on all of these levels: The Samaritan Contest, an international youth contest in first aid and the Samaritan Forum, an exchange of experienced Samaritans with changing topical focuses per event.