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Safe Environment for Women

Based on the studies and researches it is clear that conflict-affected individuals perceive economic stress resulting from the conflicts to have increased Gender Based Violence. Most of the Internally Displaced Women felt that Gender Based Violence has increased since conflict and displacement. Among the people who believe GBV increased due to the conflict, the majority mentioned economic stressors as a reason.

Many institutions, including UN, state that Gender Based Violence during pandemic has increased and women, as well as children face violence in its stronger forms.

That is why, ASB Georgia, together with the Anti-Violence Network of Georgia launched project “Safe Environment for Women” in Georgia. The project is funded by the Government of Canada and it aims to address the issue of Gender Based Violence by increasing awareness and knowledge among the key persons of the society during GBV. By intense training course the capacity of police officers, school teachers and shelter personnel/care givers will be straightened to effectively respond to different forms of GBV, identify violence in the early stages and deliver high quality services to the survivors.