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Charity Humanitarian Centre Abkhazeti (CHCA)

Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF


increasing civic participation and partnerships in local social policy making, implementation and monitoring . In order to achieve the overall objective two specific objectives, have to be met:


1. Strengthen CSOs’ capacity to lobby, advocate and monitor decision making in the local social sector;

2. Promote public private social partnerships to provide social services in rural and remote areas of Georgia.



From March 2018 – To February 2022


•Local civil society organizations (CSOs)

•Disable people’s organizations (DPOs)

•Local authorities

•Socially high-at-risk persons

•Respective governmental structures


An array of governmental and nongovernmental actions is directed to improve the overall condition and environment of representatives of different vulnerable groups, such are: socially unprotected elderly, people with disabilities, IDPs, homeless children etc. Despite the undertaken effort, Georgia lacks effective social service provision system, which could remedy many of the existing challenges in the field of social service provision. Poor communication and coordination among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as well as between CSOs and local government still remains to be one of the major problems calling for immediate attention. On the other hand, Civil Society Organizations have a crucial role to play in the policy-making processes.  Speaking based on the best international practices, the CSOs don`t have only the role of service delivery organizations. In addition, they become more engaged in policy-making process as the best owners of knowledge on the most urgent needs/problems faced by the local societies. For this purpose it is extremely important to build sustainable institutional arrangements to secure dialogue between local government and CSOs and their constituencies to foster effective policy making processes and reach mutually agreed goals that are beneficial for the most vulnerable groups of society. The action aims at creation of effective mechanisms for social inclusion, good governance, participation and civic engagement that includes practical mechanisms of dialoguing on, formulating and overall evaluation of local municipal programs. In addition, creation of Public Private Social Partnership mechanisms (PPSP) supports establishment of participatory partnerships between governmental authorities and CSOs to put their strategies into action.


·Public information meetings

·Capacity building of Caucasus Caregivers’ Cooperation network

·Training for local CSOs/DPOs on social entrepreneurship

·Training for local government on outsourcing services and PPSP mechanisms

·Financial support for CSOs/DPOs

·Country-wide and local media campaigns on civic participation

·Impact evaluation - Social Return on Investment (SROI)

·Recommendations for inclusive social welfare system