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Social Enterprise representatives have received trainings in Project Management

view more For the participants of the project “Facilitating Public-Private Social Partnership between Governmental and Non-Governmental Sector in Kvemo Kartli” on October 15-17 2014 three-day training was organized.

ASB Georgia staff Security Training

view more On the 2nd of October 2014, the security training took place at Aragvi Valley for ASB Georgia staff members.

Local officials and NGO representatives visiting social enterprises in Bolnisi

view more On September 24, 2014 representatives from Bolnisi municipality, Gamgeoba, non-governmental organizations and project representatives visited enterprises in Kazreti and Bolnisi village created under the project “Facilitating Public Private Social Partnership between Governmental and Non-Governmental Sector in Kvemo Kartli”

Homecare for elderly in Kazreti

view more Nani cannot move independently and lives in a high building, where the elevator is not working. She is not able to leave the house, to escape her “four walls”. She cannot take stairs and has no one who can help.Nani Diakonidze is 69 years old. She lives in Kazreti, Bolnisi municipality. She is one of the participants of homecare project for elderly, organized by “Women's Initiative”.

Children can also help

view more How Salome learns how to protect herself and her friends in emergency situationsSalome is five years old and she already can save lives. She knows how to act during a fire and how to bring herself and her friends in a secure place during an earthquake. She learned it during the training courses organized by ASB Georgia in her Kindergarten. Recently Salome’s family was reminded that emergency situations can happen every day. A huge landslide coming down the Kazbegi-mountain has destroyed the connecting road between Georgia and Russia. Seven people died.