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Local officials and NGO representatives visiting social enterprises in Bolnisi

On September 24, 2014 representatives from Bolnisi municipality, Gamgeoba, non-governmental organizations and project representatives visited enterprises in Kazreti and Bolnisi village created under the project “Facilitating Public Private Social Partnership between Governmental and Non-Governmental Sector in Kvemo Kartli”

The aim of the meeting was to show the work of social enterprises on-site to the representatives of the local government. They discussed Private Public Social Partnership opportunities in Bolnisi to outsource social service delivery to social enterprises. Thirty-one people attended the meeting.

Government officials visited the beneficiaries of the Homecare Service for Elderly in Kazreti. The Head of Social Services of Bolnisi Municipality assured to support the elderly care under the social welfare assistance. Another productive meeting was held at the kindergarten in Bolnisi village, where preschoolers from socially vulnerable, families of Armenian ethnicity, learn the Georgian language.Representatives of the city assembly and local government expressed their view that social enterprises do a great work for Bolnisi and they should not end.

After the meeting, both parties (municipality and project representatives) agreed to conduct further training and workshops together with local government officials in order to plan the specific ways to assist the social enterprises.