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Children can also help

How Salome learns how to protect herself and her friends in emergency situations

Salome is five years old and she already can save lives. She knows how to act during a fire and how to bring herself and her friends in a secure place during an earthquake. She learned it during the training courses organized by ASB Georgia in her Kindergarten. Recently Salome’s family was reminded that emergency situations can happen every day. A huge landslide coming down the Kazbegi-mountain has destroyed the connecting road between Georgia and Russia. Seven people died.

Parents also learn from their children

Salome’s Kindergarten is in the middle of the mountains in an earthquake zone. The area frequently has earthquakes, landslides, and other natural disasters – that’s why ASB is implementing the disaster risk reduction program there. 

The approach to already involve even little kids in the training courses has paid off. “I was surprised how much my daughter knows now how to protect herself”- says Salome’s mother excitedly. “Even I have learned something from it myself. This will surely very helpful when the earth trembles again.“

ASB implements disaster risk reduction programs in 344 Kindergartens in Georgia.  Children learn in a playful manner the right behavior during an emergency situation. The children have invented some songs with their caregivers about different dangers and right behaviors. In Salome’s Kindergarten the junior Life Savers organized a theater performance where Salome assisted her blind friend to evacuate. ASB also organizes first aid courses for kindergarten teachers. Here they learn how to provide children with first aid assistance during an emergency situation.

ASB's experience from Indonesia

To the kindergarten program belongs also Evacuation Training Courses organized by ASB. In this program emergency exit signs are installed and some small scale mitigation activities are done in order to make the emergency exits safer. This comprehensive concept comes from Indonesia, where ASB successfully implements disaster risk reduction programs in schools and kindergartens since several years. This way people in different countries benefit from the knowledge in other regions and can make use of it.

That's how ASB helps

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and storms cannot be avoided. But with the right preparation we can reduce the consequences.