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Nani Diakonidze

Nani Diakonidze was only 24 when she fell out of the window while cleaning it and got paraplegia - paralysis of both lower limbs due to spinal injury. Since then she has a walking disability. Nani has no wheelchair; instead she uses two chairs for movement in the apartment which makes Nani’s life even harder. Every day is a new struggle for her.

For years Nani did not have a permanent place of residence, she lived with her sister’s family, rented a room, abandoned space. In the latter, she spent 5 years; however, one day the owner came and requested her to leave the space. Finally, Nani, with the support of her relative found an apartment in Kazreti, the apartment was in a very bad condition; however she had no other choice but to buy it with the support of the relatives. Since then Nani lives in a two-room apartment, with poor living conditions (e.g. without heating), in Kazreti. 

Nani’s monthly income is GEL 210, comprising of monthly age pension – (GEL 150) and the State social support (GEL 60). Although the amount plays an important part in her life it is not enough to cover the charges of Nani’s basic needs – food, utilities, medical care, etc.

The condition of multi-flat building where Nani lives is extremely poor; the building has no working elevator. Thus, having walking disabilities Nani had no opportunity to leave her apartment, even to buy food or medicine and fully depended on her only neighbor until being covered by ASB programming. In addition, feeling of loneliness is accompanying Nani’s daily life.

“I have one sister only; she lives in Tbilisi, she is also ill and cannot afford to take care of me… unfortunately, she visits me rarely, I am all alone”.

Being a part of ASB programming is very important for Nani. The mobile care team visits Nani every second day, group members help her not only with nurse support, personal hygiene, home cleaning, utility payment, shopping, etc. but regular visits of mobile care group helps her psychologically to overcome the feeling of loneliness and being useless.

“I am thankful to the fortune that I am involved in ASB programming; mobile care group members make my life easier, sometimes I think how even could I live without their support these years”.