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Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disability

ASB Georgia successfully implemented the two years project “Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disability” funded by the European Union.

Main goal of the project was to support the protection and promotion of rights of persons with various disability.

The project aimed to protect and support the rights of persons with disability, which is in line with the Action Plan of the Government of Georgia for 2014-2016 on providing equal opportunities for people with disability. In parallel, the project was based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. The Convention has been signed and ratified by Georgia.

Main target group of the project was:

  • Persons with disability
  • Organizations of Persons with Disability (DPOs);
  • LEPL Social Service Agency;
  • Ministries;
  • Local government.

Main action

In the employment market, persons with disability are often victims of discrimination. One of the main activities of ASB Georgia - the provision of social services - was used as a tool for long-term and sustainable employment of persons with disability and their families. 8 social service providers in the regions of Georgia were funded.

Targeted PR campaigns and debates will help raise public awareness, so several public debates were held during the project, and PR / advocacy campaigns are underway.

Research on the factors hindering the effective operation of the Advisory Boards was conducted and training was conducted tailored to the needs and focused on capacity building.

Particular attention was paid to empowering family members of persons with disability by facilitating their participation in the decision-making process at the local level.

Innovative approach - "Person with disability for persons with disability"

Innovative consulting service "Disabled person for disabled person" has been introduced in three municipalities of Georgia. The basic idea of ​​this approach is to train people with disability to acquire the competence and self-confidence to provide basic information and services to other people with disabilities and their families who face certain barriers and challenges.

Covid-19 pandemic and altered agenda

The sudden spread of the virus changed the agenda everywhere, our project was no exception. Due to the existing restrictions and the situation in the country, it became impossible to carry out a number of activities in the mode as planned under the project. In addition, the needs of the country have changed and the implementation of instant humanitarian and emergency support services has come to the fore. That is why, after consulting with the European Union, ASB Georgia made changes to the project budget and allocated GEL 75,000 to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, 15 organizations were funded in the regions of Georgia, which provided food, hygiene items / various emergency social services to the population most affected by the pandemic.

In summary

  • Small grant competition for local service provider organizations – 8 organizations funded, 340 000 GEL amount of grant issued, 39 persons employed and 90 beneficiaries got social services;
  • Women empowerment training course – 24 women attended;
  • Advocacy workshop – 18 persons attended;
  • Public debates- 441 persons attended;
  • Covid-19 response program – 75 000 gel issued for 11 organizations.
  • Disabled to disabled - A unique service implemented, where persons with disability introduces and informs another person with disability regarding different social services available in the country – 30 beneficiaries used the service.