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Covid_19 response program _ Gori

Global pandemic caused a large-scale damage to all countries and communities, including Georgia. This was especially difficult for vulnerable groups. To respond to crisis, ASB Georgia announced the grant competition in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 75 000 GEL was given to 15 projects of local NGOs to support the basic needs of people who are affected by corona virus, including the elderly, persons with disability, any other vulnerable groups. As a result, vulnerable population received food, medicine and vital services. 
The organization "Bethlehem" is located in the village of Skra in the Gori district and its mission is to protect the civic interests of the community of Skra, against the background of a properly developed infrastructure and economy. It implements educational and cultural programs and introduces modern approaches, trying to increase civic self-awareness and awareness. By taking into account the needs of the community, by collaborating with various organizations and raising the motivation of young people, the organization is able to build a strong civil society.
The organization works with the elderly, young people and women living in seven villages of the Skri community (Skra, Akhalkhiza, Rieti, Koshekebi, Big and Small Gorijvari and Skri IDP settlement). It provides social laundry services for the elderly and integration into society, arranges events for the elderly, with the involvement of local and IDP youth, organizes charitable events (to help needy families), initiates film screenings, intellectual competitions, cleaning events sports competitions, trainings and summer camps. 
As part of its response to the ASB and the EU-funded Covid-19 Response Program, Bethlehem provided food and medicine to 20 vulnerable, disabled, IDPs and / or older people living alone,  living in the village of Skra to deal with the pandemic. The amount allocated for each beneficiary is 200 GEL.