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Covid_19 response

Since starting the global pandemic, ASB is actively involved in fighting against the COVID-19 at global, national, and local levels. ASB Georgia has already supported the government of Georgia with the infra-red thermometers and medical tents necessary for carrying out emergency activities during the pandemic and not only. 

We are still on the front line of this fight. Together with the European Union, ASB announced grant competition for local NGOs to support persons with disability and the most vulnerable groups, who were affected by the virus. A total of 75,000 GEL ASB financed 15 organizations throughout Georgia which will provide people with food, medicine, and other essential goods. 

We all have been affected by the virus, but there are some groups who were affected the most, persons with disability are one of those groups. Together with already existed barriers COVID-19 created extra restrictions for them. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone and we will work continues working towards achieving this goal.