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Parents Conference

On 23-24 November 2019, with the initiative of ASB Georgia and McLain Association, Parent conference was held in Tbilisi. The aim of the event was to gather parents of children with disability from all around Georgia and to strengthen their capacities. Parents gathered at the conference, shared their experiences and stories within each other and received useful advices. Different kinds of workshops and informational sessions about services existing in the country either from the state or non-profit sector. 

"We have noticed that there was a huge gap in regards of information between parents. They often felt isolated and alone. They did not know that there are other people with the same issues out there." Jeremy Gaskill - Executive Director 


"This kind of conference are essential for us, for parents as we are being strengthened and we strengthen each other at the same time" - Parent.

"Aim of the conference was to strengthen the parents, who have some issues dealing with their children, during two days different workshops and discussions were going on, including discussion about rights of children with disability"  - Dimitrije Todorovic, Country Director of ASB Georgia.

The parent conference was organized with support from the European Union, by Macclain Association and ASB Georgia.