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Tender for PR Company

PR/Communication Service

ASB is looking for a PR company or individual consultant to roll-out a nation-wide media campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of civic engagement in decision-making processes and their responsibility in policy development processes.

About ASB

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is a German welfare organization that works with socially high at risk or marginalized groups with special attention to children, older persons and persons with disability. ASB launched its operations in Georgia in 2010 focusing on activities to strengthen social services, to support the IDP population, to engage in activities to build resilience and inclusive disaster risk reduction (iDRR) and to support the establishment of the Georgian Samaritan Association SSK.

ASB Georgia in partnership with Charity Humanitarian Centre “Abkhazeti” (CHCA) and Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF) implements a four year project “PPSP – a partnership for inclusive policy making” funded by the European Union. The aim of the project is to increase civic participation and partnerships in local social policy making, implementation and monitoring.

About the Project

An array of governmental and non-governmental actions is directed to improve the overall condition and environment of representatives of different socially high at risk groups, such are: socially unprotected older persons, persons with disability, IDPs, homeless children etc. Despite the undertaken efforts, Georgia lacks effective social service provision system, which could remedy many of the existing challenges in the field of social service provision. Poor communication and coordination among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as well as between CSOs and local government still remains to be one of the major problems calling for immediate attention. On the other hand, Civil Society Organizations have a crucial role to play in the policy-making processes.  Speaking based on the best international practices, the CSOs don`t have only the role of service delivery organizations. In addition, they become more engaged in policy-making process as the best owners of knowledge on the most urgent needs/problems faced by the local societies. For this purpose, it is extremely important to build sustainable institutional arrangements to secure dialogue between local government and CSOs and their constituencies to foster effective policy making processes and reach mutually agreed goals that are beneficial for the most vulnerable groups of society. The action aims at creation of effective mechanisms for social inclusion, good governance, participation and civic engagement that includes practical mechanisms of dialoguing on, formulating and overall evaluation of local municipal programs. In addition, creation of Public Private Social Partnership mechanisms (PPSP) supports establishment of participatory partnerships between governmental authorities and CSOs to put their strategies into action.


The company/individual will be contracted based on actual planned PR/Media activities of the project - approximately 30 months. The duration and number of services for each task will be defined by the project team.


Tbilisi, Various Regions of Georgia

Specific responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Implement and coordinate the Communication/Visibility Strategy according to EU requirements as well as communication and visibility guidelines of ASB in close cooperation with project team members.
  • Work with project team to develop creative ideas on social campaign and key messages for social advertisement that will be connected to overall importance of civic engagement. 
  • Production of social advertisements aiming at information spreading on project related activities and depicting in general the essence of the problem of re-socialization. social ads should be created and aired under the project.
  • Creation of Video stories – The video stories should be created and distributed through various information channels on the best civic engagement examples with participation of project target group members.
  • Production and broadcasting of project documentary - filming of the documentary will last through the whole project cycle. It will capture all the key events of project implementation by accompanying three to four project participants from the very beginning to the very end and tracing the change in their life.
  • Work with central and regional media companies to ensure airing of social ads and video stories to disseminate project information regarding the process of civic engagement.
  • Generate media coverage for different events planned under the project (workshops, conferences, trainings, capacity building activities, study tour).
  • Organize interviews and ensure participation in talk-shows for project staff members to promote the project related social campaign.
  • Provide media analytics reports on ratings and outreach to targeted audiences.

The interested companies shall submit proposal that should include but not limited:

  1. general information about the company; The information on the main areas of their expertise according to the specific responsibilities towards achieving the scope of work (publicity, media coverage, production of video clips/social ads, broadcasting of video clips/social ads);
  2. Proof of experience in similar projects;
  3. Minimum 3 links for video clips or social ads produced within the previous projects;
  4. Financial proposal including total consultancy fee, average range for one social ad price average range for one video clip price and average range for documentary film price;
  5. Brief document on the methodology on how they see the campaign implementation.

The interested individuals shall submit their CV with 3 references and cover letter specific to the areas of expertise indicated in the specific requirements of the described PR/Communication work, relating applicant`s skills and experience to those noted in the announcement.

Key requirements:

  • Extensive experience in social marketing/social campaign implementation, preferably through social projects;
  • Experience in working with Georgian mass media (including regional media)
  • Experience in production/broadcasting of video products (social advertisements, video clips, documentary film);
  • At least 5 years of experience in PR / journalism / communications / media;
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills in English and Georgian.

Interested PR companies or individual candidates should send their portfolio as indicated to  application@asb.ge indicating “PPSP” in the subject-line. The deadline to submit the offers is 31 May 2019.