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Stories from 90-ies

In the 1990s ASB's humanitarian mission was carried out in several cities of Samegrelo region, most of its projects were implemented in Poti. However, the information about ASB's activities was also spread among Zugdidi residents; As a result, we were able find likeminded people in this city as well.

Lira Archemia remembers that in 90’s she worked at the Zugdidi Healthcare Management department. During this period entry of internally displaced as a result of the conflict in Abkhazia created high demand for primary healthcare medicines in Zugdidi.

“We didn’t have enough medical dressing, nor medicines” – remembers she.

Lira had some information about the ASB's humanitarian mission in Poti, and she knew that the organization was importing medicines along with the primary healthcare products. In order to alleviate the existing deficiency, Lira traveled from Poti to Zugdidi and met with local representatives of ASB's humanitarian mission. People in Poti were very well aware of the severe socio-economic situation in Zugdidi. Lira recalls that ASB's mission representatives provided her with the first aid supplies. Returning to Zugdidi she was able to reduce the medical deficiency. The positive attitude created in 90’s as a result of this valuable experience with ASB lasts even today.