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ASB Foreign Aid

Since its foundation in 1888, ASB implements its activities with continuity and reliability. With its first mission abroad in 1921, Foreign Aid became a major component of the organization. Humanitarian and democratic principles form the basis of our activities at home and abroad.

Our main activities

Using an integrated approach, we provide effective worldwide aid and also support the establishment and development of local selfhelp structures. Our activities include:

Humanitarian Aid

In the event of a sudden crisis or disaster abroad, we provide quick and targeted relief according to the needs of the affected population.

Disaster Risk Reduction

By strengthening local disaster management and self-help capacities, we reduce local populations’ vulnerability in the event of an emergency. We also assist local populations in preparation for the aftermath of disasters.

Return and Reintegration

We seek to enable refugees and displaced persons to return to a safe environment. A crucial element in our work is to create socio-economic prospects to afford people the chance of a fresh start.

International Samaritan Cooperation

By enabling exchange and networking between German and international Samaritan associations, we promote the development of structured organizations and provide support for their work in Central and Eastern Europe.

How we work - Providing help – as fast as possible, as long as necessary

Our work is based on an integrated approach. In the event of a sudden crisis or disaster, we provide help as quickly as possible by, for example, deploying our rapid response teams, with the assistance of reliable partners and our own established local country offices. We regard it as our duty to support people struck by disaster for as long as is necessary. Therefore, we not only provide emergency relief but also help communities with reconstruction work, implementation of long-term measures to fight the causes of poverty and help local populations to better prepare themselves for possible future emergency situations.

Linking full time and voluntary commitment

Voluntary contribution is one of ASB Germany’s most valuable resources. This is why we combine our fulltime and voluntary contingents to cooperate in the provision of Emergency Assistance to people all over the world.

Strengthening local partners

We aim to improve living conditions of local populations and to reduce their dependence on external support. We strengthen local populations' capacity to help themselves by systematically supporting local groups, e.g. NGOs, through consultation, further education and financial funding.Our flexibility in terms of programmes and strategy enables us to react in ways most appropriate to the requirements of the respective country.

Promoting international partnerships

Within the International Samaritan Cooperation, we initiate, promote and encourage partnerships between German ASB branches and Samaritan organizations in other countries. Thus we help to establish sustainable welfare structures in partner countries and create a range of social services for people in need.

Bundling resources

As part of a leading welfare federation, we have access to a wide range of experience and know-how. We share this knowledge with our partner organizations and cooperate in national and international networks on a basis of mutual trust. This enables us to bundle resources and make full use of their synergistic effects.

Being accountable for what we do

Part of our philosophy is to ensure the responsible and efficient use of our finances. We feel obligated to be fully accountable to those we help as well as those who fund our operations, namely our donors, supporters and the general public. Therefore, we continuously carry out internal and external quality assurance procedures as well as audits to ensure and extend the transparency and professional quality in our work.

The ASB Foreign Aid Department runs country offices in Africa, Asia, Southeast Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. These country offices are active in the fields of Humanitarian Aid, Disaster risk reduction as well as Return and reintegration of refugees and IDPs. Projects are either directly implemented by the ASB country offices or in cooperation with local partner organizations. ASB applies a holistic approach in its activities and feels committed to supporting the people affected as long as possible after a disaster.

ASB’s Foreign Aid programmes receive funding from priv ate and institutional donors, e.g. the German Federal Foreign Office, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the EU and ECHO, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration as well as UNOrganisations, such as FAO, UNHCR, UNDP, UN-OCHA, UNICEF, WFP and others.

First Assistance Samaritan Teams (FAST)

The First Assistance Samaritan Teams (FAST) provide effective, professional and rapid response to disasters worldwide. Key components of the international FAST-Aid are provision of basic medical care and purification of drinking water. Read more about FAST

Samaritan International (SAM.I.)

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL(SAM.I) is a European federation of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, independent from political parties and churches, working in the area of First Aid in cases of emergencies and diseases with democratic participation of a large number of supporters. ASB is one of the founder members of SAM.I. Learn more about SAM.I.