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What to do during the earthquake?

view more ASB continues providing useful information about inclusive disaster risk reduction and First Aid. Disasters take place anytime and everywhere. Each of us may find ourselves in a disaster area; therefore, we need to be prepared to take appropriate steps in a timely manner.EarthquakeDuring the earthquake, there are several scenarios of how to protect ourselves.If you are in the buildingDo not run! Do not panic! Stay Calm!Dropcrawl to shelter under steady furniture if nearby.

Dato's Story

view more It has already been eleven years since Dato Kvirkelidze first visited the day care center for children with disabilities - “Aisi”. He is not only the beneficiary of the mentioned center, but also its staff member, assisting others in different administrative procedures. Dato is very popular among the members of “Aisi” family, his goal-oriented nature together with an ability to overcome the obstacles about adaptation with society, inspires other beneficiaries to discover their strengths and to gain new capacities.

"Partnership for inclusive policy making" project presentation in Telavi

view more Newly launched EU funded project “Partnership for inclusive policy making” of Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Georgia (ASB) is implemented together with partner organizations: Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF) and Charity Humanitarian Center Abkhazeti (CHCA).The project aims to increase civic participation in local social policy making, implementation and monitoring.

Grandpa Misha's Story

view more 82 years old Mikheil Iluridze (Grandpa Misha) is a beneficiary of social enterprise “House Without Borders” funded by ASB Georgia. He is one of the constant inhabitants of the elderly shelter. Mikheil recalls that is was extremely hard for him to make a decision about abandoning self-build house. He did not want to bury in oblivion 47 years, he spent here together with his beloved wife.

Evacuation Simulation at "M2 Tamarashvili"

view more ASB Georgia and the real estate company M2 organized an earthquake evacuation drill at the apartment complex called “M2 Tamarashvili” on Saturday, December 16. Apartment residents first learned the main rules on how to act in case of different natural disasters and then they all had the opportunity to participate in the drill.

What to do in case of a Fire?

view more ASB continues providing useful information about disaster risk reduction and First Aid.Disasters may take place anytime and everywhere. Each of us may find ourselves in a disaster area, therefore, we need to be prepared to take appropriate steps in a timely manner.  FireLet’s describe what to do in case of a fire.

Misho's Story

view more It has already been 3 years since Misho Sarajishvili joined the organization Georgian Public Interests Defense Association's project. He receives the professional assistance to improve his communication and motoric skills.

Osman’s story from Pankisi

view more During his 31 years of life, Osman was unable to communicate with other people, he almost never left home and was aggressive even towards his family members. Local police knew him as a man, who may become very dangerous; neighbors were trying to avoid talking to him. Even a small smile on others faces turned him into the aggressive person and he found it was very hard to calm down. Sometimes he even broke windows and thought of killing himself. He also never agreed to go out somewhere or to get help.

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017

view more On October 13, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Georgia joined celebration of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Mtatsminda Park. Together with local and international organizations working in this field as well as with governmental structures, ASB presented its work and experience accumulated in its DRR programme. Guests had the possibility to find out more about ASB's disability inclusive DRR program and receive useful materials about natural disasters and how to minimize their damage.

International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

view more On September 22nd, ASB Georgia organized an international conference on State Support Mechanisms for Social Entrepreneurship. The aim of the conference was to come up with specific support mechanisms, together with Georgian government, to enable the development of the social enterprise sector.During the event invited experts from Poland, Sweden and Switzerland introduced participants best practices of the social enterprise support from state side, as well as the need of the law regulation for the sector development.